Our Programs

Heart Health Programs

PLATINUM (Program to Limit Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis, Ischaemia and Nephropathy through Universal Management)

The overarching cardiovascular disease management concept targeting all patients with cardiovascular disease for optimal medical management.

Lead physician: Dr. Niznick

DELIVER (Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle Intervention for Vascular Event Reduction)

Instructs patients on diet, exercise and lifestyle modification to reduce cardiovascular risk.

DIAMOND (Diabetes Atherosclerosis Management for Outcome and Nephropathy Delay)

Identifies patients with mild to moderate renal impairment and targets optimal pharmacologic prevention to preserve renal function.

AMETHYST (Atherosclerosis Management for Effective Treatment of Hypertension and Systemic TOD)

Focuses on high risk hypertensive patients to optimize blood pressure control.

Lead physician: Dr. Chander

GOLD (Glucose Optimization for Longevity in Diabetics)

Targets optimal glycemic control in type 2 diabetic patients.

Lead physician: Dr. Liu

HOP to ITT (Hypertension Optimization Program to Implement Treatment Targets)

A home blood pressure monitoring strategy to assist patients in achieving optimal blood pressure control.

LOT to ITT (Lipid Optimization Tool to Implement Treatment Targets)

Utilizes structured lipid management with nursing supervised followup for optimal cholesterol control.

Lead physician: Dr. Niznick

SPARCLE (SPorts Assessment to Reduce Cardiac Lethal Events)

Assesses athletes and weekend warriors for cardiac risk prior to sports participation.

WATCHH (Women’s ATherosclerosis Cholesterol, Hypertension and Hormone)

Targets cardiovascular disease prevention in women.

Lead physician: Dr. Heshka